Raiding with Leashes

I have four level 100 characters in this crazy World of Warcraft. Some would say that is too many. I would be one to agree. THE GOOD THING, THOUGH: I can farm a lot of the old content a lot of times per week! Joy?

So in my last blog post (that was read by a total of 3 people, so that’s why I’m recapping real quick) I stated that I hadn’t known there were super cool pets in some of the Vanilla and BC raids and that I was going to go out and farm them. And farm them I did.


So, I was able to wrangle up 17 of the 34 pets, or as math purists would call it: half. “NOT BAD” I tell myself. I wish I would have gotten all the pets in Blackwing Lair, though, because running that place is the worst.

Of my four level 100’s, three of them have level 3 garrisons. That means I had three stones to boost three of my pets to LEVEL TWENTY-FIVE. Prior to this weekend, I didn’t have a pet over level 5. Because people on Twitter are so great and offer the grandest of advice, I used my first stone to level the Anubisath Idol to 25.

Then I used Anubisath to take over the world. Snowy Owl was going the way of the dodo on Saturday, so I spent a good chunk of my night on Friday farming one in Winterspring. And thankfully, since I now had a level 25 pet, capturing one was doable. So, two hours later, I had my Snowy Owl. Common rarity, but I DID NOT CARE.

I am going to start doing the actual pet battles now and beat some Pokemon trainers, and catch wild Pokemon. But, I have a question for all you beautiful people: what other two pets do I boost to 25? I was thinking a flying pet, but don’t know which one. TINY SPOREBAT? VAMPIRIC BATLING? PHOENIX HATCHLING? Help! And what about the 3rd member of my crew?! Double help! Hit me up on Twitter at @huntmehard or comment below!


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